35 Years of Yummy Food and Awesome Service!!!

“Then in 1982 a guy dressed up in a Spiderman costume got on top of a Greyhound bus that was driving through town, and we became real concerned about safety,” said City Councilor Susan Reid. That was a quote from the first issue of Sneak Preview in 1990 regarding the Halloween situation in 1982. Shortly after that two guys who were selling wood stoves decided to cut their losses and start selling sandwiches and Ashland Wood Stoves changed its name to The Breadboard. The “rest of the story” is that Ashland was barricaded on Halloween for a time and Spider-Man sightings stopped but the Breadboard never slowed down. 2,643,231 meals later (est.) and the big question seems to be why it is called the Breadboard? Good question. A good goal for 2018, search for the meaning. Get up early. Eat at the Breadboard every day because it’s been there for 35 years and while you sit there enjoying your delicious omelette or Kristal’s Killer Chicken Sandwich, gaze out the window and who knows, maybe Spider-Man will pass by on top of a bus. A perfect beginning to 2018.

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