Awesome Food and Blazing Fast Service…but be sure to bring a spoonerism!

I was enjoying a delicious Pecan Waffle at the Breadboard the other day and it was cold and rainy outside and I told the server that it was so nice and cozy in the little nook where I was sitting and he said who’s a nosey little cook?  And I said – “cozy little nook”  and a lady named Ashley said “Nice tip of the slung!”  And she was laughing but I didn’t get it and the waiter said – “Oh, I get it – ‘slip of the tongue’!”  And then the hostess wanted to change the radio station and asked, “Does anyone mind if I ‘chip the flannel’? And another customer named Jim was laughing and said, “I get it – yes – you can ‘flip the channel’!” And then another customer said they went to the Varsity Theater last week and said that the ‘cop porn’ was awesome and someone else said – “Oh, I get it – the ‘popcorn’!”  And I was starting to get irritated and I was done with my breakfast and I asked for the check and the waiter handed it to me and said, “Just so you know, we don’t accept ‘mad bunny’!”  And then I started to get it and as I left I yelled, “Eye ball!” And as I walked out the door a guy walked in wearing hospital scrubs and I overheard the hostess say, “Hi doc, been ‘sealing the hick’?”  He’ll catch on, and even if he doesn’t, the service is fazing blast and the wood is fewsome.

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