“Best Place To Cure A Hangover”

“Best Place To Cure A Hangover”
– Southern Oregon Magazine, Spring 2014

“Breakfast Champs”
– Medford Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings, April 11, 2014

As usual, today I was up at 5:45 am, did my morning calisthenics, ran 4 miles, had my cup of coffee and nutritionally balanced, heathy breakfast and was at my desk, productive and happy by 8 am – off to a good start of a productive and carefree day… Then my alarm went off – again – and I realized I had been hitting snooze for the last hour and the whole day was now doomed. I panicked, my chest got tight and my breathing became more and more labored. I started going over all the things that had to be done today. I felt a wave of nausea and despair overtake my entire being. I knew I needed to act decisively. Without hesitating, I turned off the alarm and tossed it into the pile of dirty clothes next to my bed and burrowed deeply under my covers. I was safe – for now. But ever so slowly reality creeped in and I began to realize that this was only a temporary solution. Eventually, they would miss me at work and some over-zealous do-gooder would track me down and I would have to deal with the realities of life. There was really NO escape. Or was there? I remembered that they never rat me out at the Breadboard. The caring family at the Breadboard were solid – they had my back – what happens at the Breadboard stays at the Breadboard. They were the protectors of leisure and escape and culinary indulgence and comfort. I remembered how Southern Oregon Magazine had just awarded them the Reader’s Choice Award for 2014 for “Best Place To Cure A Hangover.” Also, they just had a full page review in the Mail Tribune and The Ashland Daily Tidings proclaiming them “Breakfast Champs!” My course of action was clear. The time to act was now. I made the call without hesitation…”Hello, Betty…yeah, cough, cough… it’s me… cough, sniffle…I know, something must be going around…. I’m sure I’ll be a lot better tomorrow…. Sorry I can’t make it in today…” She bought it! I turned off my cell phone, quickly and deftly grabbed a t-shirt and some jeans from the pile next to my bed and scurried to the car – I could smell the bacon as my car sputtered to life…

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