Blissfully Delicious

The other day I was chowing down on a delicious Greek omelette at the Breadboard totally immersed in a kind of meditative nirvana and it reminded me of an ancient Taoist fable about this guy named Chuang Chou who dreamed he was a butterfly happily flitting about and the dream was so real that when he woke up he wasn’t sure if he was Chuang Chou or he was actually a butterfly dreaming he was Chuang Chou and while contemplating the transformation of things it made me think of the confusion I was experiencing because I couldn’t distinguish between the deep sense of joy I was feeling savoring the memory of the first half of my meal which I’d just eaten or the excitement I was feeling with the giddy anticipation of eating the second half and I just kept eating and eating and eating and then the little girl at the table next to me blurted out “Mommy, that person eats like a horse” and she reminded me of the old story about the woman that bought a horse without her husband’s knowledge and she was trying to find a place to board the horse and the first guy arrogantly snapped that he’d charge $80 a month and the vet bills would be extra and he’d get to keep the manure and that seemed unacceptable and she was slightly offended so she went to a second barn and the guy said he would charge $70 plus vet bills and he gets the manure but that wasn’t much better so she went way out in the country and the third guy was really laid back and said he’d charge $30 a month with no vet bills and she asked what about the manure and he said that at $30 a month there wouldn’t be any manure and as I was eating and eating and eating and experiencing this deep sense of satisfaction my mind just kept blissfully wandering and wandering and wandering and I never ever ever ever wanted my meal to end.

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