Breadboard Haiku

I had a dream last night. I think it was anxiety induced. I think dreams are interesting but I generally don’t like to over-analyze them. Like if my dreams were movies, they’d be more amusing and chaotic than substantive and loaded with deeper meaning. For some reason, I was supposed to come up with a haiku but I had to write it on a billboard shaped like the opera house in Sydney but they made me use one of those brushes that the image disappears after the liquid dries. I had not had any dinner that night and I was really hungry and I kept dreaming that I was at the Breadboard and the server was super friendly and she kept walking past my table with huge plates of food and she’d smile and giggle and show me the plates of food as she walked by – waffles laden with whipped cream and strawberries and biscuits and thick country gravy and frittatas and omelettes and everything looked so good and I kept painting furiously …

Eggs oh so yummy
Tummy tummy tummy eat
Waffle gobble thrive

And I kept painting and painting but the billboard was on the side of a bus so I had to run alongside the bus as I was painting and the bus kept going faster and faster. I don’t know what this was all about. This is why I tend not to over analyze my dreams. But one thing was clear when I woke up – I headed straight to the Breadboard and I was there when they unlocked the door at 7.

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