Congrats Grizz Class of 2017!!! … most especially Nikki! 我们爱你!

Few things are more exciting than raising a child – especially a really neat child… I was in the Breadboard the other day and I overheard one of the crew talking about having just passed one of the biggest milestones in life – high school graduation. Having been raised on Breadboard omelettes and Stuffed French Toast specials of every flavor and having bussed tables at the Breadboard since she was 8 or so – she seemed healthy, full of life and well-prepared for any challenge. I was sure her parents must have cherished every moment watching her grow and mature. I must say, they seemed to have done an excellent job – in my completely objective opinion. I asked her what her plans were and she mumbled something about Taiwan and then started speaking Chinese but all I really got was that she wanted to know if I wanted more delicious Goodbean coffee and then she was off to help a half-dozen other customers. Clearly, she was well-adjusted and she had navigated her youth masterfully. Now, she was off to adventures of another kind and I envied the possibilities that lie ahead. Having attended and pretty much aced Montessori, Helman, AMS and AHS, she was well-prepared for any circumstance. I could tell she was well-loved by many and that her parents must be so very proud of her. She done good and was off to a flying start. As I walked out the front door, completely satisfied from my scrumptious meal, I couldn’t help but share valuable wisdom… “The future lies ahead, and always remember the words of the immortal Buckaroo Banzai… ‘no matter where you go, there you are.’ “

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