Congratulations 2014 Grads!

The future lies ahead (but don’t skip breakfast…)

I recently made a trip to San Francisco to see my nephew graduate from High School. Just before that, I attended the Ashland High School graduation. I always enjoy graduation ceremonies primarily for the speeches. I love hearing what graduates have to say – their hopes and dreams; reflections and observations. It seems that one issue is consistently on graduate’s minds – love. The world needs more love. As I reflect on that vital truth, it makes me think more and more about the meals I’ve enjoyed at the Breadboard. And I think this is where these mini-scholars are coming from: they love hearty, wholesome food, made from scratch, served in large portions by caring, loving friendly people. As each graduate spoke, I reflected on my many summer mornings sitting on the deck at the Breadboard with my friends, gnawing on thick cut bacon, slurping down a latte, taking in the view. Just sitting there, you know? Gorging myself on Nutella Stuffed French Toast while reflecting on the deepest issues mankind faces today and suddenly having all the answers just because the entire experience was so perfect that the tears swelled up in my eyes and the music of life reverberated throughout my entire being and the answer became clear: yes, the future lies ahead but first make sure you have breakfast at the Breadboard.

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