I crave the Breadboard

Every summer, everyone is so excited about the warm evenings and the hot days. Unfortunately, the last few years, the warm summer weather has also brought forest fires and the accompanying smoke. As I was sitting on the deck at the Breadboard the other day, taking in the view of Grizzly Peak and enjoying a cool morning breeze, I started feeling anxious about the possibility of fires and the smoke and the scratchy throat and watery eyes and the talk of drought and higher water prices and the situation in the Ukraine and the impact of the Chinese citrus to hear what the specials were today and I started to feel a tingling in my toes and my breathing slowed and as I heard about veggie frittatas and Brazilian French toast and Chipotle Steak scrambles I started to feel warm and happy and I realized that the specials change all the time at the Breadboard and over the years I’ve developed a craving for so many different things that now I don’t crave any one dish at the Breadboard, in particular – I crave THE BREADBOARD. I crave the friendly, warm staff; the amazing service; the non-stop, unapologetically yummy food; the better not bitter coffee… Nothing else really mattered because all that other stuff is always going on, but the Breadboard is open every day from 7 ’til 2 – so I sat back and enjoyed the view and I said, “Yeah, I wanna hear the specials…”

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