Eggs Benedict with classic Hollandaise made from scratch all day, every day… weird? Nope, just wonderful.

Usually, the Breadboard opens their deck on May 1st but this year, they opened it on April 1st because if the gas stops working in Ashland at least people can sit outside and drink coffee and eat salads and sandwiches and maybe they will fire up the BBQ because the weather is getting weirder and summer might come in April.  Things just seem to be getting kind of weird in Ashland lately.  Like, I overheard a woman say that she was a vegetarian but then she confessed that the Breadboard bacon is so amazing that’s the one place she makes a compromise – but really that’s not the weird thing.  Also, I don’t necessarily want a stranger staying in my house, but there seems to be more and more homeless people in Ashland but I heard some people at lunch the other day complaining that it’s getting harder and harder to find house-sitters lately which, if you think about it, it seems kind of weird.  Another thing that pretty much everybody can agree on is that the new animated Spider Man is a better actor and cooler than any “real” spidey, and that’s kind of weird.  But what’s REALLY weird is how the Breadboard can serve an eggs Benedict  (veggie or with Canadian Bacon) seven days a week, all day long, with classic hollandaise sauce made from scratch and no one in the kitchen is French… although there is a French guy named Pierre that comes to the restaurant pretty much every day but he doesn’t spend any time in the kitchen.  That’s weird because Hollandaise can be moody if the chickens aren’t  happy so to get it right seven days a week is pretty cool.  Also, I guess one of the weirdest things lately is to lose the Ashland Outdoor Store and Cripple Creek.  They added charm and character to Ashland and they will be missed.

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