Fresh Wholesome Hearty Homestyle YUMMY!

was having breakfast at the Breadboard the other day and a couple of people who were sitting next to me were talking about the upcoming election and they were debating about whether or not they even wanted to vote. One of them said they had just had four wisdom teeth pulled and when under anesthesia this person claimed to have had a vision of hiking on the Great Wall in China on a beautiful fall morning and had encountered Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton arrayed in typical Terra Cotta Warrior garb and they were engaged in a kind of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon contest. Then the other person claimed that it could come to that because things have gotten so weird, anything wouldn’t be surprising and anyone who eats 1000 year old eggs might be able to sort of skip-fly but after a big Breadboard breakfast the food is so good it makes you feel like dancing rather than skip-flying. Then, I realized I was really eavesdropping and my fluffy fresh egg omelette was only minutes old and how could an egg be a thousand years old and I realized the service was so fast at the Breadboard that the servers were sort of skip-flying about and I was happy that the Breadboard consistently serves up wholesome, fresh, home style yummy food. As for the election, I think a ancient Chinese sort of duel might be kind of cool.

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