Go Team Patrick!

There is something different and wonderful about the Breadboard.  Yeah, the food is yummy.  The bacon is amazing.  Everyone pretty much notices that stuff right away…  But the thing that is really special is the crew.  A lot of times customers aren’t really sure who the owners are  – that’s because the people that work there all treat the place like they are the owner.   Each “employee” feels like the Breadboard is “their” place and each one is personally committed to making everyone feel happy and at home.  Combined, the staff has worked there for well over a century.  Sounds like an exaggeration, but when you consider that Kerri has been there for 23 years, Jim for 15, Maria for 11 and many others approaching the decade mark – you begin to feel like there’s a reason people feel like family – because they are.  One server who is approaching the 11 year mark is Patrick.   He’s dealing with cancer right now.  He’s going to beat it – but not alone – the whole Breadboard family is pulling for him.  Here’s to Patrick.  Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts.  Go Team Patrick!

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