Impishly delicious Pumpkin Pancakes are back!

He was ruggedly handsome with an impish grin and was considering kayaking from Port Orford to Maui.  At least, that’s how the woman at the table next to me was describing him. She said she’d asked if she could follow him on Instagram but he said he only believed in land-lines and still had a rotary phone.  Her friend rolled her eyes and continued scarfing down a Mountain Man. Between shovelfuls she asked what this guy did for a living and she said he described himself as an adventure barista and one day he was going to travel by kayak and mountain unicycle to every place on the globe that produced fair trade, shade-grown, vegan, raw, organic, happy coffee and make the perfect almond milk, lavender latte. I took a sip from my better not bitter Goodbean coffee and thought that someday I might ride a bicycle all the way to Jacksonville where the fabulous Goodbean coffee was roasted – kind of like him but, you know, different.  And for some reason this made me think about the honey badger and how after it gets bitten by a cobra it actually goes into a coma for an hour and then it’s fine and then my cheerful server delivered my pumpkin pancakes because now is the time the elusive pumpkin pancakes begin to appear at the Breadboard and I thought I would sort of be in a food coma in about half an hour and it might be fun to get a pecan muffin to take home because it would go great with my coffee at the Goodbean and then my phone whistled and I checked my text message and thought how I missed land lines and rotary phones but the idea of being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at night in a 21 foot kayak sounded like a nightmare, not an adventure and I don’t care how politically correct the coffee might be in exotic locales and foreign lands, I never like to be more than a two day’s ride from the Breadboard because unlike the honey badger, I’m actually really afraid of cobras and it reminded me of the ancient Zulu saying about the dung beetle and the happy bean and the family with no hut but I couldn’t remember the point of the saying but I sipped my cup of black, better not bitter, fresh roasted award-winning local Goodbean coffee and took my first bite of pumpkin pancake and wondered if my grin could be described as impish.

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