Kristal’s Killer Chicken Sandwich … Full- on Yummyness!

I was at the Breadboard the other day, sitting on the deck, enjoying this yummy “Kristal’s Killer Chicken Sandwich” that had avocado and chicken and bacon and pepper jack cheese and jalapeños and lettuce and tomato on a French Roll and it was so messy and big and just so good and I was trying to have a conversation with my friend and she kept getting texts and I kept losing my train of thought because I was trying to tell her how when I was walking to my car at Shop – n – Kart I overheard this guy sitting in a $60,000 Volvo with California plates comment on how he loved the Kombucha at Shop-n-Kart and he thought the store was like a post-apocalyptic Trader Joes and I wanted to tell my friend this but I couldn’t get her attention and then I realized I locked my keys in the car.  Well, I was starting to stress out so I figured I would just text her but I wasn’t really paying attention closely enough and apparently when I touched “send” the predictive text changed my message from “I locked my keys in the car” to “I locked my jews in the bar” – and she was kind of offended but at least I had her attention and the lunch was awesome. Eventually, we got into my car – but that’s a whole other big story – anyway, we got a growler of Kombucha and I love that stuff, but she said she doesn’t like “liquid fungus”.  But, you know, it was a really good day.

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