Momma on a plate! Let’s eat everybody! (commas not required)

As everyone knows, incorrect grammar can mean the difference between life and death. I was reminded of this the other day when I was treating myself to a delicious breakfast at the Breadboard. The kids were so excited at the table next to me and they were pounding their little paws on the table singing “Let’s eat, Mom!” And I thought if they were texting each other – because this could really happen because most kids seem to have phones now – and anyway if they were really making a plan and they left out the comma then they would be telling each other to eat Mom (“Let’s eat Mom!”) and if one of them was a little crazy and very literal, the grammar mistake could have dire consequences. English grammar is difficult. The thing is, at the Breadboard no one really cares how you ask for your food. Run on sentences are fine. You can point and grunt and they get it. “Me want MOUNTAIN MAN!” works. They get the point. “Me want Pumpkin Pancakes FAST and BIG” is perfectly acceptable usage of the English language at the Breadboard especially now when the weather requires comfort food and they ain’t no better momma on the plate-type grub then yummy Breadboard food – oh yeah, me LOVIN’ Breadboard so let’s eat everybody! ‘Nuff said.

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