Now Serving Gluten Free Pancakes

It seems like everyone in Ashland is looking forward to spring. I guess the main reason is that once spring comes, then they only have to wait for summer to be over then fall comes and then the Breadboard starts serving Pumpkin Pancakes again. Everyone really misses the Pumpkin Pancakes even though you can get a delicious Eggs Benedict everyday all year long. Still, there’s nothing like Pumpkin Pancakes when you just really need ’em, I mean, everyone gets that. But then, I was at the Breadboard eating an amazing Monte Cristo Sandwich that was a special for the day and everyone was talking about the plight of people who are gluten intolerant and everyone agreed that life would be unbearable without pancakes and then it was announced that the Breadboard was going to start serving GLUTEN FREE PANCAKES and it was like the mood shifted throughout all of Ashland in an instant and joy erupted throughout Ashland and there was dancing in the streets…but then someone said that really would require a permit according to the city code and then everyone started arguing about the design of the plaza and, well, you know, things kind of shifted the way they do and I took another bite and thought, life is interesting. Then, a friend stopped by my table and I learned that Sushi actually originated in China, but I don’t think there are any plans for the Breadboard to start serving Sushi and that’s fine with me.

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