Open every day at 7 am – start your day off on the right foot.

November is kind if a strange month. Like most people, I get up early every morning because I like to be one of the first people at the Breadboard when they open every day at 7.  But when November comes, it’s cold and dark early in the morning and it’s chilly and damp when I get on my bike.  I am still committed to being one of the early morning regulars but it’s only because of the cheerful reception from the Breadboard crew and the amazing Marionberry muffins fresh from the oven that keeps the drive alive.  A lot of people wonder why I need to get there so early and so regularly but then again, a lot of people can’t solve the Rubick’s Cube and most people have never read Karl Marx so how could they really understand?  A lot of people today just don’t appreciate the really important things in life like a good cup of coffee and stimulating conversation.  Ok, there are probably some things in life that are more important, but that stuff can wait.  If you start your morning early enough, you’ll have plenty of time for the other stuff.  They say 90% of success comes from just showing up.  So there you go.  I say, “put on a raincoat, get on your bike and show up.” The rest of the day will happen either way, you may as well start off on the right foot.

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