Pumpkin Walnut Pancakes for the whole month of January!

December was a tough month for me. Pipes froze, twisted my knee when I slipped on the ice and I realized that Egg Nog Lattes at the Breadboard wouldn’t last forever. Apparently, Egg Nog is a “seasonal” thing. What? What genius came up with that idea? So, I was stewing about this and slipping and sliding my way to the Breadboard the other morning and the sky was grey and they kept saying it would get better but somebody wizzed past me on North Main and slushy gravely mush splashed on me and I was just feeling really blue, you know? And I got to the Breadboard and Chika greeted me at the door and everyone was so cheerful and as I ordered one of my last Egg Nog Lattes they asked me why I seemed so down and I told them – then, I added, “oh, but that’s not all, my cat wet the bean bag in my room.” Yeah, I mean, I have issues I’m dealing with, you know? Then the Pumpkin Walnut Pancakes came and I slowly raised my utensils, tears streaming down my cheeks, and I muttered, “bet these will be gone soon too.” Zach happened to be walking by and said, “what about the pancakes?” And I said, “bet these will be gone soon, too.” Just then, Zach saw Francisco walk by and said, “Hey Paco, how long we serving pumpkin cakes?” Then, Paco (they call Francisco “Paco” for short) did a jazz hands thing and twirled around and laughed and said “I may be crazy but I will serve them for at least the whole month of January!” And then fireworks lit up the sky and the big brass band played and the sun came out and everything was beautiful again. Just another day at the Breadboard.

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