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It’s amazing that only a few hours drive from the Breadboard you can easily find yourself deep in the Trinity Alps.  That’s what they are called.  Alps.  Stunning jagged peaks with huge granite cirques and deep clear lakes teeming with trout.  I was on the deck the other morning trying to decide what to order, as usual I was looking out at the view waiting for inspiration. There are so many good things on the menu and the specials change daily and they are creative and always yummy and I didn’t know what to do.  As I looked up at Grizzly Peak, I remembered a recent backpacking trip to the Trinity Alps – the clear mountain streams, the climb into the higher elevations and the huge granite boulders and deep pools of cool crisp water – the fresh air, the deep blue sky – and that’s when it hit me… I was in the mood for a Mountain Man.  It’s been on the menu for 20 years – a classic.  A simple dish of fresh baked buttermilk biscuits and homemade country gravy and eggs and cheese with a side of homefries.  Simple basic ingredients all combined into a glorious comforting delicious masterpiece.  And this morning – I just wanted coffee – black, bold, better not bitter Goodbean coffee.  This morning was about the basics – the simple things in life – pure goodness. And that was that.  Cool summer morning. Great views. Great service. Great food.  

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