Super Yummy Caramelized Apples topping a Belgian Waffle!

They are serving something new at the Breadboard this month… crazy delicious – Caramelized Apples and whipped cream on a waffle served with eggs, bacon and sausage.  I was eating it the other morning and there was a table of teenagers next to me that were all chowing down full stacks of Pumpkin Pancakes and everyone was in a euphoric mood and they were discussing politics and some of them were democrats and some were republicans and then one of them starting talking about how amazing the Donald was and I was afraid it was going to get ugly but everyone was so respectful and friendly.  Little did I know that the real conflict was about to begin…Turns out they had all been to ComicCon in Portland and they started arguing about which universe of superheros was more powerful – the DC Comics Universe or the Marvel Universe and they were really arguing over who would win between Superman and the Thing or Spider-Man or Iron Man and why etc…then they started to list every hero in each universe and one kid had even made a database of each universe and ranked powers and created an overall universal power index or “OUPI” And it started to get really heated and at first it seemed pretty ridiculous to me but as I listened I remembered my first comic books and I started to wonder what kind of superpower I would want if I could have one and next thing I knew I was full but I still wanted a Marionberry muffin and I wanted an Eggs Benedict and I was thinking how cool would it be if I had a super fast metabolism?  Now there’s a superpower!

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