Superheroes Eat Too!

I saw the sweetest little old lady in the Breadboard the other day and she was alone and it looked like she had been crying. She was wiping her eyes and sniffling a little bit and I leaned over and asked if she was ok. She said she was fine, she was wiping her eyes because she had just woken up and had hurried to the Breadboard to be there when it opened and she was awaiting her first cup of coffee for the day. She said she appreciated my concern and suggested I join her for breakfast because we could each order something different and split it that way we could each get something sweet and savory and besides she had been wanting to talk to a “younger” person about what the deal is with this country these days. Before I could respond, the coffee arrived and she had shifted over to my booth and said to the server that she’d like the Mountain Man ‘cause she needs some of that yummy real country sausage gravy smotherin’ them fresh biscuits and eggs and cheese mmm…and she said that I’d be having the Marionberry stuffed French toast. Then she said she was really perplexed with the things going on this country and that she was a huge Batman fan but now that she knows that Ben Affleck’s tattoo on his back was real she was really conflicted. She told me that she also followed the philosophy of Kim Kardashian and agreed with her view that why would anyone put a bumper sticker on a Bentley and that Ben was definitely a Bentley and he should have never split with Jennifer Garner and he was a way better Batman than the last pretty boy Superman but not nearly as cool as Black Panther – but of course – who is? And our food came and she decided I should leave the tip and to be sure to be generous because the service at the Breadboard is second to none and two meals and three cups of coffee later she waved goodbye and I never even caught her name.

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