The Mountain Man – A Breadboard Classic

I was having breakfast at the Breadboard and there are so many great choices I didn’t know what to do and then this couple at the table next to me was having this conversation and the woman was trying to explain something to this man and he said he just wasn’t getting her point because she was talking so fast but she told him he was, as usual, he was just listening too slow. They were sort of having this argument about who was the best James Bond. She was saying that she’d just watched “Dr. No” with Sean Connery 3 times in a row and he was without question the best Bond ever. But he was a Daniel Craig fan. She kept saying that his defense was built mostly around special effects and modern cinematography and improved editing and less about the character himself and then she cited this study from Stanford in 1970 that documented the counterintuitive phenomenon that when facts prove someone wrong, instead of changing their mind, people tend to double down on their false belief. Thankfully, breakfast arrived just in time because they were starting to get pretty fired up. The food is just so good at the Breadboard – good enough to bring peace to the table when the big issues just can’t seem to be resolved. The thing everyone agrees on is that the Mountain Man at the Breadboard is a classic. 35 years and still an Ashland favorite. Never goes out of style. There’s probably a study done by Stanford that explains the peace-making effect of the Breadboard Mountain Man, and the woman next to me has probably read it and I was going to ask her about this but then a guy next to me started talking about the Roger Moore James Bond (talk about counterintuitiveness and false beliefs) and and I started to flip out not yet having had my Mountain Man but thankfully, just in time they delivered my warm Marionberry muffin and all was copacetic.

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