Any time at the Breadboard is the right time!

I was in the Breadboard the other day. It was important that I get there on the first day of the year at 7 am – right when they opened because I always need to get the first Eggs Benedict of the year because I’m a busy person and I have priorities. And there were some people next to me (that arrived shortly after I did because they are not as motivated as I am) and they were talking about the late musician Prince and what an interesting person he was. I’ve never really been into Prince but as I was eavesdropping I thought their conversation was poignant so I didn’t feel that creepy. They were talking about how he thought that time was a trick and he wasn’t really into the artificial boundaries of time and he used to sort of half-seriously joke that deadlines were stupid because what happens if he didn’t make a deadline then when he crossed the line would he be dead? So just chill. Do the best you can but be real about things too…etc. and I thought that was just like the Breadboard because other than opening at 7 am and closing at 2 pm every day, the idea of time doesn’t really matter because you can stay as long as you want and if you’re in a hurry, then they are in a hurry for you and the main thing isn’t the timing of the food – it’s that the food gets there when you need it. It just happens that you are satifisfied when you sit down. You get coffee or soda or whatever you need, right when you need it. You get the attention you need when you need it and the food comes when you need satisfaction. If that means right away then it’s right away. It’s about satisfaction and realities rather than perceived priorities. I’ve never really had to “wait” at the Breadboard. But I’ve always been given the space for the proper amount of anticipation. They help me to adjust my focus so that I am always being organically, holistically, and gently nurtured into a healthier mindset. It’s never about the time, so to speak, it’s about the ultimate satisfaction. And I thought as the year starts off and I’m thinking about goals and accomplishments and new beginnings…yadda, yadda, yadda… the time isn’t the important thing. It’s that I am here. Now. Scarfing down an awesome, creamy, Eggs Benny. Listening in on a weird and interesting Ashlandy conversation and this is MY time and any time at the Breadboard is the right time.

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