Timeless Wisdom: Breakfast (at the Breadboard)… the most important meal of the day!

There’s a popular expression in Botswana that seems like universal wisdom.  Monks in caves repeat the same idea over and over.  Most popular books of “wisdom” drone on about it and self-actualized parents in Ashland pretty much hammer it into their children. I guess it’s kind of like a mantra or a timeless principle, a fundamental truth, a foundational belief.  Here it is:  “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Simple sounding and yet, oh so profound.  Now, some gullible YouTube surfers claim this was a slogan invented by the marketing gurus at Kelloggs in the 50’s.  Other people spread harmful propaganda about fasting or the benefits of calorie restriction or the danger of high cholesterol … Poppycock.  Balderdash.   Ok, ok… the Atkins diet was on to something because everyone knows bacon is basically the miracle drug of foods except the diet was unsustainable because it was woefully lacking in Belgian Waffles and thick creamy sausage country gravy and flaky homemade biscuits and perfectly seasoned home-fried potatoes and homemade Marionberry jam etc…Yes, fasting of some sort may have benefits – BUT – and this is important – your fasting window must not prevent you from indulging in the most important physiological and spiritually cleansing experience of the day:  the all-important nirvana-like breakfast experience at the Breadboard – sipping lattes and just sharing in some good old fashioned conversation and up-building social interaction.  Listen to that all-knowing internal voice that simply tells you to eat breakfast. Eat. Yes. Eat my friend.  The specials change pretty much daily and you might be busy tomorrow.  

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