Yummy choices every day – sweet or savory!

I’ve been contemplating part of a conversation I overheard the other day while enjoying a delicious meal at the Breadboard. A younger nicely dressed and dignified woman was talking to these two businessman-looking guys and I kind of started eavesdropping in the middle of some story where she said “Once I was blading out a corral of replacement heifers – ” And then I was interrupted by a cheerful server who wanted to know if I was ready to order and I missed the point of the woman’s story because my attention was diverted back to my original dilemma of trying to decide between a sweet or a savory special because that’s something I love about the Breadboard – they change their specials daily and they always have something sweet like a yummy stuffed French toast or a crepe AND they always have something savory like a veggie frittata or a creative scramble so I’m always satisfied no matter what my mood is each day – and I can be moody – but anyway, I digress – about those replacement heifers – it’s not something I hear mentioned in Ashland often – well, never actually, and it sort of sounds a little dark and I don’t know what she was talking about but when I re-entered my eavesdropping mode she was saying that she had realized that if she did her own yard work for one hour a week she could save herself $30 a week and she can totally stuff herself for $15 at the Breadboard so she decided to eat at the Breadboard at least once a week and do her own yardwork and she felt like she was actually making $15 a week. The business guys were intrigued by her conversation and seemed a little confused and one of the guys was scribbling something on a yellow pad and then he mentioned if she went to the Breadboard twice a week it was a break even proposition and I jumped in and mentioned that that was a great idea because then could have something sweet one day and something savory the next but I realized they weren’t too cool with me being part of the conversation and she mumbled something about “blading out” and it was a little awkward but the frittata that day was amazing and then the server crashed in and started talking about the soup of the day and who needs more coffee etc. and everything was fine.

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