Yummy food. Beautiful fall mornings on the deck …and the kids are in school.

A lot of people have a big party on the December 31st. I’m not so much into that kind of thing. For one reason, I like to get to bed around 9:30. Also, mid-winter I’m usually hunkered down working my way through dark, cold mornings and grey, wet weather – starting to count the days to spring. You know, kind of hibernation mode. But September is a different deal. To me, that’s the start of a new year. Kids are going back to school. The weather is cooling down. Also, the smoke usually starts to clear. (Except this year was pretty good!) Fortunately, it’s not over. The Breadboard deck is open until October 31st. The trees are starting to change color. The kids are busy and everyone knows that Mommy and Daddy are too. Oh yes. They are having important “business” conversations many mornings. They are finding time in their busy busy schedules to “network” and talk “business”. But, oh, they miss the kids – they really miss the little munchkins – but somehow they are finding a way to get through a boring, intense “business” breakfast while the kids are at school and they recognize it is a sacrifice but Mommy and Daddy are willing to put in whatever time and effort it takes to provide a secure future for their children. Whatever it takes – even if it takes getting together a couple times a week at the Breadboard and eating Cinnamon Roll French Toast and California Omelettes and Marionberry Muffins and Frittatas and Pancakes and Huevos Rancheros, etc… That’s what parents do. They don’t throw themselves in front of the bus or under the bus for the sake of the family. That doesn’t accomplish anything. No – they put the kids ON the bus. Then, they sacrifice. They make that call to two or three of their friends and they “network” for the sake of the family. It’s hard being a parent. It’s a big responsibility. That’s why the Breadboard serves amazing food and the deck is open on beautiful fall mornings – it’s for the kids – it’s all about sacrifice…for the children. I love fall.

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