Yummy Food and Great Service! Every Day, Every Meal!

There was never a good time to approach anyone about my feelings. I would often start the conversation but then I’d get psyched out and change course. A lot of times I felt like I was the only one who felt this way.  Then, it just got too hard to repress and I felt like I just wasn’t living – I wasn’t being ME.  Finally, last Wednesday, I got to the point where the pain of deprivation outweighed the fear of embarrassment and I headed into the Breadboard right as the door opened at 7 am and in a kind of belligerent rage I announced that today – “Guess what?  I’m not ordering anything SPECIAL! ” Everyone was stunned – well – the server and another customer – it was only 7 am – but they were STUNNED. Everyday, the Breadboard has these amazing and creative specials like frittatas and stuffed French toast and crepes and yadda yadda yadda but see – TODAY – I wasn’t going that way. I was gonna get 2 eggs over easy with homefries, wheat toast and a side of bacon – and “YES that would be all, thank you!” … “Oh, and a cup of that delicious better not bitter Goodbean coffee… But that’s it and I don’t even want to hear about the “specials” because straight up breakfast food right off the menu is “special” and just fine with me!”  You see, they do traditional good ole’ breakfast right at the Breadboard and yeah the specials are always good but I’m a simple eater and proud of it and not afraid to be ME.  “Oh, and I might even make a dump run after breakfast and maybe even change my own oil… What do you think of that?”  Well, I’ll tell you – there was a hush.  Everyone – both of them – were speechless.  Well, the customer was reading the paper and the server was putting in the order – but I felt good – true – genuine…  just like the food at the Breadboard.

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