Yummy Pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin spiced lattes until 2016 … Wow!

I’ve been enjoying Pumpkin Pancakes and Pumpkin Spice lattes at the Breadboard for two months now.  I’ve heard a rumor that they will continue serving them until the end of the year so I figure that I’m pretty well set for 2015. Then I read that the date 2015 was the “future” date in the original movie “Back to the Future” and I wondered if Michael J.  Fox had ever been to the Breadboard and I remembered that Anne Curry, Frances McDormand, Michelle Pfeifer and Reese Witherspoon had been there but I don’t know if they ever tried the Pumpkin Pancakes but then I started thinking about the movie “The Martian” and that takes place in the “future” year of 2035 and that’s 20 years from now and the “Back to the Future” movie opened in 1985 and that’s 30 years ago but the Breadboard has been around since 1983 and if you were to sit down with Michael J. Fox and Matt Damon and the four afore mentioned female movie stars and do the math (assuming that the Breadboard served Pumpkin Pancakes every fall since 1983 – which is possible) then they might get all fired up and decide to make a sci-fi movie geared to numerologist-type people who are Breadboard fanatics and you could like hide a pumpkin in every scene and you would most certainly want to include a popular conspiracy theory aspect and it would probably develop a cult following and probably be a big hit and I was sitting alone in the corner at table 11 and the server mentioned I’d been mumbling a lot and the tables next to me were concerned and I realized I might be getting kind of unbalanced in my thinking but, you know, when something just tastes so good you can get kind of euphoric and you know that’s when things can get really cool – well, maybe a little weird…but, I’m just saying…the pancakes are REALLY good.

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