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Google: “yummy food” Result: “Breadboard”

“Maman died today.” It’s supposedly one of the most famous lines in literature. As I sit in the Breadboard savoring a piece of perfectly cooked thick sliced bacon I am intrigued by the conversation next to me. Somehow the discussion has veered from the literary merits of one of the most famous openings of a […]

Happy? Sad? Confused? Stressed out? EAT.

I was at the Breadboard the other day enjoying an early fall breakfast with other adults who were leisurely enjoying their weekday brunch because now the kids are safely supervised in various institutions throughout our nice little hamlet. And I was thinking about an email I received recently that said “record floods in Houston, biggest […]

Breadboard Haiku

I had a dream last night. I think it was anxiety induced. I think dreams are interesting but I generally don’t like to over-analyze them. Like if my dreams were movies, they’d be more amusing and chaotic than substantive and loaded with deeper meaning. For some reason, I was supposed to come up with a […]

Blissfully Delicious

The other day I was chowing down on a delicious Greek omelette at the Breadboard totally immersed in a kind of meditative nirvana and it reminded me of an ancient Taoist fable about this guy named Chuang Chou who dreamed he was a butterfly happily flitting about and the dream was so real that when […]

Yummy choices every day – sweet or savory!

I’ve been contemplating part of a conversation I overheard the other day while enjoying a delicious meal at the Breadboard. A younger nicely dressed and dignified woman was talking to these two businessman-looking guys and I kind of started eavesdropping in the middle of some story where she said “Once I was blading out a […]

Congrats Grizz Class of 2017!!! … most especially Nikki! 我们爱你!

Few things are more exciting than raising a child – especially a really neat child… I was in the Breadboard the other day and I overheard one of the crew talking about having just passed one of the biggest milestones in life – high school graduation. Having been raised on Breadboard omelettes and Stuffed French […]

The Classic Eggs Benedict served 7 days a week – put it on your bucket list and invite Jim Belushi to join you…

There’s a rumor that Jim Belushi was recently seen having dinner at Thai Pepper. Apparently, because the Breadboard doesn’t serve dinner or really anything Asian – fusion – like, Mr. Belushi must have decided that’s was really his only option. I think that’s just fine and I applaud his good judgement. The food there is […]

Go Team Patrick!

There is something different and wonderful about the Breadboard.  Yeah, the food is yummy.  The bacon is amazing.  Everyone pretty much notices that stuff right away…  But the thing that is really special is the crew.  A lot of times customers aren’t really sure who the owners are  – that’s because the people that work […]

Great Food. Speedy Quick Service. No Ties Required (but if you do wear one, remember: #correct tie length balances the ensemble)

Normally, I try not to think too much about politics – just feels to divisive and messy and emotional and disturbing. But the other day I overheard a conversation in the Breadboard while I was eating an amazing omelette that was delivered to me in record time and I feel like enough is enough and […]

Addictingly Yummy

So I was in the Breadboard last Sunday morning enjoying a most satisfyingly scrumptious serving of Magic Mushroom Omelet when I noticed a man in the booth across from me furiously writing in his journal. He seemed familiar to me, and as I thoroughly thought through the thing, I realized he had been at the […]